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Based in Cape Town, South Africa,
Broadreach Energy specialises in providing clean energy generation and energy savings solutions to clients throughout Southern Africa.

We build, own and operate projects customised to our clients’ needs, and ultimately transfer ownership to them – all at a cost less than non-green alternatives.


Whether your priority is to save on your electricity bill, to reduce your carbon footprint or to secure a stable source of power, we can help.

Our solutions combine clean energy generation (solar PV and other technologies) with batteries, generators, energy-saving equipment and a full finance and maintenance package – resulting in a hassle-free answer to your energy needs.


When we invest in an energy project we commit to an affordable and convenient solution for
our client.

We have a range of finance options available to help fund your project from the start.  We are also happy to co-invest in projects alongside larger clients, tailoring the solution to integrate with their BEE initiatives.

Operational Projects


Tonnes of Co2 avoided


A typical project

Southern Farms, Northern Cape, South Africa

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