Energy is one of the most important resources that underpin human progress, evolution
and the prosperity of society.

Broadreach was founded in 2014, by a group of like-minded individuals who shared the vision of building a leading, African clean energy company.

About Us

From the discovery of fire and the agricultural revolution, to fossil fuels and the first industrial revolution, and now renewables and the fourth industrial revolution, energy has always been a key driver of economic progress.

Globally, the small-scale renewable energy industry is well-developed, but in Southern Africa it remains a nascent industry with high growth potential.  There are structural features that make region ideal for the distributed generation of renewable energy.  These include highly favourable solar irradiation and wind resources, unstable energy utilities, and a largely unmet electricity demand.  These factors also present a unique opportunity for the region to leapfrog carbon-intensive energy and adopt a renewables strategy.

With these themes in mind, Broadreach was founded in 2014 with the goal of becoming the bridge between the technical and financial worlds of the Southern African distributed generation industry.

Broadreach was one of the pioneers of power purchase agreements (PPAs) in the South African commercial and industrial (C&I) solar PV market. Through our exposure in this sector, we also became involved in small utility-scale projects.  Since then Broadreach has developed, advised on, invested in and/or exited from 5 utility scale projects totaling over 30MWp in capacity, whilst growing its C&I portfolio significantly. Geographically, we have expanded our operations to include South Africa, Namibia and Rwanda, and we are actively developing new markets.

Broadreach’s team has gained significant experience in developing and financing renewable energy assets in Southern Africa. We understand that real assets cannot be managed purely from behind a desk.  As a result, we have brought together a team that represents a unique confluence of hands-on financial, legal, engineering and African markets skills. Operating from our base in Cape Town, South Africa, we remain focused on the active management of all our projects regardless of their location.