Who should partner with Broadreach?

Broadreach is looking to expand its portfolio of clean energy generation and energy efficiency projects throughout Southern Africa.  To do this, we are actively seeking partners with access to project opportunities who can benefit from our access to capital, and technical and financial expertise in the renewables industry.

​Our ideal partners include:

  • Engineering, procurement and commissioning (“EPC”) companies,
  • Landlords and owners of commercial and industrial property portfolios,
  • Franchisees and multi-site long term lessees, and
  • Other participants in the renewables supply chain, such as equipment suppliers.

    Why partner with Broadreach?

    Broadreach will put in place the structures and finance required to create a valuable portfolio of renewable energy projects around the opportunities that you bring us. We will give you a share in the returns, in addition to any other income or savings you derive from the projects. In building the portfolio, you will also get the benefit our expertise in various areas, including:

    • contracting and contract management,
    • engineering, design evaluation and due diligence,
    • yield assessment,
    • ongoing operations and maintenance,
    • financial structuring,
    • regulatory compliance, and
    • optimising returns, using both technical and financial techniques.

    “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

    What’s in it for me?

     There are cost savings and other benefits for Broadreach in having access to a portfolio of projects at scale. In exchange for partnering with Broadreach across a portfolio of multiple sites, we will share the benefits with you by way of:

    • an additional reduction in your starting electricity tariff,
    • a long-term lease of your otherwise unproductive roof space, or
    • a profit share in the portfolio of projects.


    Our Partners