If uninterrupted power is crucial to your business,
we can design and finance a power backup system or an uninterrupted
power solution to suit your business.

Our typical clients include:

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Residential estates and complexes

If you manage or have developed a residential estate or complex with a single municipal connection (i.e. you own the infrastructure between units) we can build and manage a metered power and/or water solution for you.  We will finance the necessary infrastructure, take care of sub-metering and assume responsibility for the municipal connection, giving you a single, outsourced, green solution to your development’s electricity and water needs.

finance,power backup system,business,broadreach energy


Shopping centres and retail outlets of all sizes are ideally suited to solar PV solutions, as their operating hours (and power demand) match solar production neatly.  In addition, most retail shopping centres in South Africa are low-rise, and offer ample roof-space for the installation of solar PV.  Broadreach can therefore offer attractive savings to these clients, which can also be matched with backup solutions to avoid loss of turnover from load-shedding.

finance,power backup system,business,broadreach energy

Universities, schools and hospitals

Universities, schools and hospitals have large lighting, HVAC and equipment-related power needs, and typically have sufficient roof-space to address a large portion of those needs through solar PV.  Significant savings can also be achieved through the retrofit of efficient lighting and HVAC systems.

finance,power backup system,business,broadreach energy

Agricultural producers and processors

Agricultural clients that serve export markets are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate the steps they are taking to increase their sustainability and decrease their carbon footprint.  In addition, the cost of power for water pumping, cold-storage, processing and packing of produce, is constantly on the rise.  Broadreach can address these issues for its agricultural clients through a combination of solar PV and energy efficiency measures (such as load management and scheduling, VSDs and efficient cooling systems).

finance,power backup system,business,broadreach energy

Industrial clients

The cost of electricity is a major item of operating expenditure for most industrial clients.  Together with the sensitivity of many industrial processes to power outages, this means that a combination of solar PV (for cheaper, clean power) and power backup (batteries and generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply) is increasingly becoming a business imperative for industrial clients.  In addition, Broadreach is able to integrate various energy efficiency technologies (such as co-generation and waste heat recovery) into an holistic solution.

finance,power backup system,business,broadreach energy

Hotels, lodges and hospitality

Businesses in the hospitality industry are often large power consumers, as they require a combination of lighting, HVAC, laundry, hot water and kitchen services.  Furthermore, to ensure client comfort, they often require a solution to address power outages.  Broadreach is working on a number of projects for clients in the hospitality industry, including for luxury resorts in remote areas where fully off-grid, clean energy solutions are by far preferable to expensive, carbon-intensive diesel generators.